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An Architectural Tour of Minneapolis & St. Paul

The Mississippi River has shaped the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, both geographically and culturally. Settled first, St. Paul became the head of navigation on the Mississippi because it offered a broad river flat ideal for tying up steamboats. Upstream, Minneapolis grew around St. Anthony Falls, which powered more than 50 flour and […]

Minneapolis’s Historic Park Avenue Neighborhood

When Montana and I set out in search of antiques at an estate sale on a cold Thanksgiving weekend in 2003, nothing had prepared us for the “find” upon which we were about to stumble. As we pulled up to the well-preserved 1905 Colonial Revival on Minneapolis’s historic Park Avenue we instantly knew “this was […]

Saving Bungalows in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Kristi Johnson couldn’t believe her eyes when she read what neighbors had to say about the cozy bungalows in her corner of Minneapolis. Like residents of some 50 other areas in the city, they had developed a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan to identify strengths and shortcomings.

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