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House Tours

Tours of old houses, historic homes, and new old houses built in period styles, including Arts & Crafts, Greek Revival, Mid-Century Modern, and Queen Anne style; including Frank Lloyd Wright homes.


Product of the Week

The House That a Pottery Built

William Day Gates, founder of an important terra-cotta tile and pottery company, built his retirement home in 1927. Decades later, it would take a knowledgeable Arts & Crafts collector to save the abandoned house in Illinois. Chicago architect John Eifler helped guide the restoration: “The house is a terra cotta and pottery catalog!” he says.

Bayou Bliss

Architect J. Everett Schram infuses a new family home with centuries-old Creole soul—giving a nod to vernacular traditions and a tip of his hat to 20th-century Louisiana architect A. Hays Town, who embraced reclaimed materials and the look of age.

Downsizing To A Classic Ranch House

It wasn’t easy moving from a big old Victorian villa to a small ranch house; in fact, it seemed to require a change in lifestyle. But, with a good eye for a few deft improvements to the house, this owner managed to create a layered ambiance full of warmth.

My Victorian Fantasy

Brian Coleman shares his own restoration of a Victorian cottage into a stunning Queen Anne house filled with 19th-century antiques, salvaged materials, stained glass, Aesthetic Movement furniture, and Victorian collectibles. Visit his Victorian garden, too.

Elegance & Whimsy for an Italian Villa

The charming house in Greene County, New York, has been faithfully restored: foundation and structure, exterior elements, and the trim inside. The new kitchen, still in the expected place at the back of the house, is now a family gathering space. Upstairs, a twin bedroom is a trip to fantasyland. Creativity and warmth run throughout.

Garage & Outbuilding Styles for Old Houses

A well-designed garage does more than stable automobiles. It may by its placement create a private courtyard. It can block noise or a neighbor, or add balance if it’s part of the house. Today’s garages are also storage units and potting sheds; they may accommodate a home office or guest suite. Because a garage is new construction requiring everything from permits to utilities, it’s worth taking time to design one that works now and for the future—say, when electric-vehicle charging stations are a common requirement.

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