Editors’ Picks: Old-House Outbuildings

Our editors highlight classic articles on outbuildings.

Selecting appropriate shrubs and flowers is only one facet of designing your yard—just as important, and arguably more tricky to get right, are the outbuildings: things like sheds, gazebos, even greenhouses and conservatories. Outbuildings have been an essential part of old-house yards since the days when now-indoor rooms like kitchens and baths were housed in them. These four articles will set you down the right path to creating beautiful, functional outbuildings that blend seamlessly with the style of your house.

Red garden shed with iron strap hinges, stylish sheds

Stylish Sheds: When choosing outbuildings for your garden, consider the design, adaptability, and placement.

Three greenhouses at the Lyman Estate in Waltham, Massachusetts, include this 1804 Grape House, containing vines started from cuttings taken in England in the 1870s.

Classic Greenhouses & Conservatories: A conservatory or greenhouse was a must for the wealthy a century ago. Today you can spend a little or a lot.

Shingle siding lends this octagon-shaped garden shed an Arts & Crafts aesthetic. (Photo: William Wright)

How To Design a Shed for Your Old House: For an outbuilding that complements your old house, start with traditional styles and materials. 

Country Carpenters designs garden sheds and outbuildings appropriate for traditional New England properties.

Guide to Traditional Garden Shed Kits: Building a shed for your old-house garden? Consider one of these traditionally styled, ready-to-assemble kits.

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