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Our editors highlight new and classic articles, along with favorite products and current bookstore sales. This week, we go back to the future with a tour of restored mid-century modern residences.They might not be able to claim the same longevity as Colonial row houses, but when it comes to history, mid-century modern dwellings have it in spades. One need only glance inside a sleekly outfitted 1950s modern dwelling to be instantly transported back to the Mad Men era. To help fuel the trip back in time, we've spotlighted three mid-century restorations that perfectly capture this forward-thinking period: a beautiful Bauhaus rescued from the remnants of a fire, a renowned Modernist architect's family home, and a compact house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian designs.

usonian-style house

A Post-Fire Bauhaus Rehab: Sensing hidden potential through layers of damage, a couple buys and resurrects an original Bauhaus in the wake of a devastating fire.

At Home in the Granger: Deep in the heart of Texas, a pair of homeowners stays true to the ideals of their home’s renowned architect.

Modern Design Motifs: A mid-century house reveals the design sources for a generation of dwellings.

New This Week

Recreating a 1912 Garden: In New York, a 1912 garden of intimate scale is an attainable model for English-derived gardens with Arts & Crafts influence.


Treen and Tole Ware in Early America: Treen and tole are among the earliest and most authentic of American wares. Both show the evidence of handwork and invention so prized by American collectors.

Ornamenting the Roof: Checking in with makers of finials and filigree, weathervanes, chimney pots, and fancy shapes

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Sammy's Salad Hands, $38
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From hamburger flippers to spoon rests, Allegheny Treenware has more utensils than I knew existed, including "Salad Hands" made from tracings of the Jennings' grandchildrens' hands. Why would you want strange children's hands scooping up your salad, you ask? If you can get your own children to sit still for long enough to trace their hands, the Jennings can create a custom pair of salad hands for a similar price. Pretty reasonable for a couple that was asked to make an ornament for the White House Christmas tree!

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A pendant light over the door adds a stately touch to the ubiquitous Victorian porch; Brass Light Gallery’s London Lantern mimics the design of 19th-century streetlights.

Brass Light Gallery

Interior and exterior architectural lighting for your home and garden, in styles from Victorian to '30s Modern. Select from 15 finish options. Made in USA since 1974. They also have a vintage/antique lighting department, and offer expert restoration services.


Unico System

A central heating and cooling system using "aspiration" technology to warm and cool homes evenly and quietly with flexible small ducts that weave through ceilings, walls, and even floors.